UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈpaʊndɪŋ/

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  1. weighs [ten] pounds
  2. has a weight of [ten] pounds
  3. the weight is [ten] pounds
  4. is [ten] pounds in weight
  5. the weight of the [bag, suitcase] is [ten] pounds
  6. was [ten] pounds overweight
  7. a pound of [sugar, flour, butter]
  8. costs [ten dollars] per pound
  9. would like to lose a couple (of) pounds
  10. need to lose a couple (of) pounds
  11. am trying to lose a couple (of) pounds
  12. could (stand to) lose a couple (of) pounds
  13. have lost [ten] pounds (this year)
  14. trying to [shed, trim] a few pounds
  15. is the weight in pounds or kilos?
  16. sports: matched him pound for pound
  17. [invoice, bill, pay] in pounds
  18. costs [ten] pounds
  19. paid [ten] pounds for it
  20. the pound has [gained, increased] against the dollar
  21. the pound is [up, down] today
  22. eat pound cake
  23. the best pound-for-pound fighter
  24. an [eight] hundred pound [gorilla, beast]
  25. my heart pounded
  26. my heart [pounded, was pounding] with [fear, anticipation]
  27. her heart [pounded, was pounding] like a [jackhammer, drum, hammer on an anvil]
  28. pound [the dough, the meat, a hamburger]
  29. pound [garlic, pepper, herbs] into a [paste, mix]
  30. pound the [pavement, streets, neighborhood, beat]
  31. pounded the table with his fist
  32. pound your fist [on, against]
  33. pound on the [door, wall, keyboard, keys]
  34. pound a [pole, stick] into the ground
  35. pound out a [poem, novel, chapter]
  36. pound a [poem] out
  37. pounded him [6-0, 11-0]
n as adj
  1. eat pound cake
  2. idiom: an 800-pound gorilla
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