UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈpɑːsɪŋ/US:USA pronunciation: IPA and respellingUSA pronuncation: IPA/ˈpæsɪŋ/ ,USA pronunciation: respelling(pasing, päsing)

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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. the passing of my [aunt, grandmother]
  2. my [aunt's] passing
  3. mourn her passing
  4. just heard about her passing
  5. his unexpected passing
  6. his passing was unexpected
  7. was [shocked, surprised, heartbroken] by her passing
  8. [deeply, profoundly] saddened by his passing
  9. [depressed, lonely] following her passing
  10. her passing was a [shock] (to me)
  11. the passing of a [class, course, test]
  12. the passing of time
  13. with the passing of the years
  14. the passing of the [Cold, Civil] War
  15. the passing on of [traits, genes, information, knowledge]
  16. the team's passing was [slick, good, poor]
  1. a passing [train, bus, car, ship]
  2. (the) passing [trucks, trams, boats]
  3. with [each, every] passing [moment, hour, day, week]
  4. are closer to [completion, success] with every passing [moment]
  5. love you more with [each] passing [hour]
  6. felt [better, worse] each passing [moment]
  7. a passing [fashion, trend, fancy]
  8. is just a passing craze
  9. [is worth, made] a passing visit
  10. UK: took a passing fancy to
  11. made a passing [comment, mention, observation, remark] on
  12. had a passing thought
  13. had a passing feeling of [guilt, nausea]
  14. the passing grade is [six, seventy percent]
  15. need a passing grade to [graduate, move on]
  1. she mentioned it in passing
n as adj
  1. their passing-out [parade, ceremony]
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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. pass [the test, an exam, the inspection, your driver's test]
  2. pass [a law, an amendment]
  3. pass the [salt, port, sherry, gravy]
  4. [could, would] you pass (me) the [salt]
  5. pass the ball (to)
  6. passed her on the [street, way home]
  7. pass a [truck, car, cyclist]
  8. pass the finish line
  9. pass a [cord, needle, rope] through a [ring, hole]
  10. passed [gas, a stool, a kidney stone]
  11. pass the time [waiting, watching, walking]
  12. passed on the [freeway, highway]
  13. passed through the [store, factory]
  14. the [river, lake, route] passes through the [city, state]
  15. pass by the [school, store]
  16. pass out [papers, exams, pamphlets]
  17. passed out from [the heat, exhaustion]
  18. pass along [the news, information]
  19. pass up the [chance, opportunity] (to)
  20. pass away from [cancer, natural causes]
  21. passed away on [Tuesday]
  22. has (sadly) passed on
  23. pass on [seconds, the offer]
  24. [must, have to] pass on it
  25. pass into a new [stage, era]
  26. (the) time passes [slowly, quickly]
  27. [weeks, three days] have passed (since)
  28. (feels that) life is passing her by
  29. UK: (does not) pass muster
  30. always passing the buck (to)
  31. it came to pass (that)
  32. [not a word, no food] has passed my lips
  33. passed himself off as [a tourist, an inspector]
  1. a [ski, bus, travel, press] pass
  2. a [three, five] -day pass (to)
  3. have [VIP, all-inclusive, backstage] passes
  4. have [VIP] passes for the [gig, concert, festival]
  5. [showed, flashed, presented] his pass (on entry)
  6. a pass to get into the [stadium, show, building]
  7. sport: a [forward, through, back, backward, infield, up field] pass
  8. sport: a [clever, good, bad, great, fantastic] pass
  9. [dig, build, tunnel, propose] a mountain pass
  10. you need [60 percent, 10 points] for a pass
  11. got a pass [on my test, in my degree]
  12. made a pass at the [waitress, teacher]
  13. made a pass at his [coworker, sister-in-law]
  14. the driver made a pass on the [curve, outside, inside, straight]
  15. make a first pass [at, on, through]
n as adj
  1. the pass [rate, percentage, mark]
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