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  1. [back, shoulder, neck, stomach] pain
  2. [light, severe, occasional, acute, sharp, shooting] pain
  3. [pills, tablets, treatment] to relieve pain
  4. [take, prescribe, buy] pills for [back, joint, chest] pain
  5. [cure, alleviate, remove, get rid of] pain
  6. [relieve, ease, soothe, calm] the pain
  7. cause [emotional, grievous, bodily] pain
  8. [suffer, endure, experience] pain
  9. the pain [was, existed] only in his mind
  10. the pain was [unbearable, excruciating, agonizing, debilitating]
  11. the pain [impeded, prevented, limited] his movement
  12. slang: are a real pain in the [neck, butt, ass]!
  13. slang: [don't be, are such] a pain!
  14. went to great pains to [explain, accommodate, look for]
  15. took pains to [see, check, make sure] (that)
  16. the pain of not [knowing, being able to, having]
  17. the pain of [solitude, loneliness]
  18. in [severe, terrible, agonizing, great, such] pain
  19. under pain of [starvation, torture, death]
n as adj
  1. pain [relief, treatment, medication]
  2. has a [low, medium, high] pain threshold
  3. a pain-relieving [medicine, cream, lotion, spray, gel]
  1. it pains me to [say, think, imagine, admit]
  2. pained me to [hear, see, learn, think]
  3. your [dishonesty, betrayal, sarcasm] pains me
  4. pained by his [betrayal]
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