UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈpækɪdʒɪŋ/US:USA pronunciation: respellingUSA pronunciation: respelling(pakə jing)

From the verb package: (⇒ conjugate)
packaging is: Click the infinitive to see all available inflections
v pres pverb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing."
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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. can't get the packaging open
  2. can't open the packaging
  3. the packaging is [difficult, impossible] to open
  4. [plastic, cardboard, Bubble Wrap®] packaging
  5. [attractive, vivid, plain, dull] (product) packaging
  6. [comes, is sent] in discreet packaging
  7. was shipped in the original packaging
  8. the [action figure, collectable] is still in its (original) packaging
  9. packaging to [prevent, protect, ensure]
  10. [secure, professional, suitcase] packaging
  11. gift packaging is included
  12. [equipment, machines] for packaging
  13. the [items, goods] are sent [to, for] packaging
  14. pay for postage and packaging
  15. [exclusive, inclusive] of postage and packaging
  16. packaging materials
  17. the packaging design
  18. purchase packaging [supplies, products]
  19. packaging services
  20. a gift packaging [option, service]
n as adj
  1. packaging materials
  2. the packaging design
  3. purchase packaging [supplies, products]
  4. packaging services
  5. a gift-packaging [option, service]
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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [large, small, bulky, flat] package
  2. a [software, license, rights, broadcasting] package
  3. a [complete, comprehensive, total, bespoke, tailor-made] package
  4. offer a [complete] package of [services, products]
  5. he is the complete package
  6. [bought, sold] as a package
  7. [deliver, courier, ship, send, wrap] a package
  8. [pick up, collect, open] a package
  9. your package will be delivered (in three days)
  10. carry the packages to the [car, trunk, truck, door]
  11. [load, stack, put] the packages in the [car]
  12. [report, see, remove] a suspicious package
  13. vulgar, slang: check out his package!
  14. vulgar, slang: has a [huge, large] package
n as adj
  1. UK: a package holiday
  2. a package [trip, tour, vacation, deal]
  1. package up the [camera, clothes, watch]
  2. package for [shipment, sale, retail]
  3. package and [ship, send, deliver, sell, label]
  4. package [carefully, individually, securely, properly]
  5. the [services, products] are packaged together
  6. packaged with [bubble wrap, newspaper]
  7. packaged in [plastic, paper]
  8. packaged in [boxes, containers, pouches]
  9. package to [ensure, protect, prevent, avoid]
  10. packaged for [users, members, all]
  11. packaged (it) as [environmentally-friendly, comprehensive]
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