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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. was overwhelmed at the [reception, applause, welcome]
  2. feel (a little) overwhelmed
  3. was [clearly visibly, naturally] overwhelmed
  4. overwhelmed by [your kindness, the gesture]
  5. overwhelmed by the sheer [number, size, volume, quantity] of
  6. we felt overwhelmed at [its, the] [sight, size]
  7. have felt overwhelmed (ever) since
  8. [became, was] overwhelmed by [grief, sorrow, remorse, guilt]
  9. overwhelmed with [grief, sorrow, remorse, guilt]
  10. is overwhelmed with [work, burdens, responsibility, debts]
  11. the [workers] have been overwhelmed [lately, recently]
  12. an overwhelmed [worker, student, teacher]
WordReference English Collocations © 2019


Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. overwhelmed [me, his opponent, the audience]
  2. overwhelmed by [her, the performance, the news, the prospect]
  3. overwhelmed by [guilt, remorse, sorrow]
  4. the [guilt] overwhelmed him
  5. overwhelmed by [work, the project, the stress]
  6. overwhelmed by the [thought, idea] (of)
  7. overwhelmed [by, at] the [size, extent, amount, number]
  8. overwhelmed with [happiness, emotion]
  9. overwhelmed with [gifts, presents, get well messages]
  10. overwhelmed [her, the students, the interviewee] with [questions, enquiries]
  11. the [teacher, reporter, interviewer] overwhelmed her with [questions]
  12. overwhelm them with [numbers, troops, forces]
  13. the [enemy, police] overwhelmed them
  14. (they were) overwhelmed by the [enemy]
  15. floods overwhelmed the [houses, roads, river]
  16. the [area, town, city] was overwhelmed by [floods, a hurricane]
  17. the company was overwhelmed by [inquiries, complaints, calls]
  18. overwhelmed and [overworked, overstressed]
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