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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. [good, welcome, great, fantastic, unwelcome, horrible, shocking] news
  2. [regular, updated, hourly, on-the-spot, latest] news
  3. (the) [TV, radio, morning, lunchtime, evening, travel] news
  4. the [six] o'clock news
  5. [read, present, host] the news
  6. [gather, edit, filter] the news
  7. [bear, give, bring] (the) bad news
  8. I'm afraid it's bad news
  9. I have news and bad news
  10. which news do you want first?
  11. [need, could use] some good news
  12. will be bringing you [regular, frequent] news (on)
  13. here's our correspondent with the (latest) news (on)
  14. [heard, saw, caught] it [on, in] the news
  15. read it in the news
  16. there was no news of his [whereabouts, application]
  17. is there any news on the [situation, patient]?
  18. [that's, it's all] news to me!
n as adj
  1. a news [reporter, journalist, presenter, reader]
  2. a news [quiz, show, program, flash, channel, bulletin, item]
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