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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. mixed [fruit, nuts, vegetables]
  2. a mixed [collection, assortment, selection, choice] (of)
  3. a mixed [bag, lot, container]
  4. a mixed bunch of [flowers, grapes]
  5. mixed [events, tennis, doubles, teams]
  6. a [day, person, season] of mixed fortunes
  7. mixed [emotions, feelings, impressions]
  8. have mixed emotions [after, following, concerning, about]
  9. a mixed [couple, marriage, neighborhood, area, tow]
  10. [studies at, goes to, attends] a mixed school
  11. was [given, afforded] a mixed [welcome, reception]
  12. the [students, fans, guests] are a mixed bunch
  13. is a (very) mixed bag
  14. [ideas, products, teams] of mixed success
  15. grammar: [study, go over] mixed conditionals
WordReference English Collocations © 2019


Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. mix the [batter, sauce]
  2. mix it [together, up]
  3. mix in the [ingredients, flour, chocolate]
  4. mix in a [bowl, container, blender]
  5. mix with a [spoon, fork, whisk]
  6. mix with [water, milk]
  7. [blend, shake] and mix
  8. mix by [shaking, agitating] (well)
  9. mix to [smooth, remove]
  10. mix [paint with water, flour with butter]
  11. mix and match
  12. mix things up (a bit)
  13. mix up the [class, group, office]
  14. mixed up the [date, name, fact]
  15. (always) mixes up the [twins, sisters, dates]
  16. always mixing them up
  17. mix (me) a [cocktail, drink]
  18. the bartender mixed [me, up] a [cocktail]
  19. (refused to) mix with the [others, guests, girls]
  20. mix business [and, with] pleasure
  21. mix (your) metaphors
  1. [cake, bread, cement] mix
  2. the [product, price, marketing] mix
  3. a [good, bad] mix (of)
  4. the [right, wrong] mix (of)
  5. the [wrong] mix of [ingredients, types]
  6. a fascinating mix of [antique and modern, Gothic and Pop Art]
  7. a mix of [speed and strength, knowledge and guile] is needed (to)
  8. [alcohol] and [sleeping pills] is not a good mix
  9. the [couple, dance partners] are not a good mix
  10. got my [dates, numbers] in a mix
  11. [students, teenagers] are more in the mix
  12. throw [an idea, a suggestion] into the mix
  13. a mix of [styles, tastes, people, materials, ages, services, subjects, metals]
  14. is a real mix of [styles]
  15. a mix of [cotton] and [polyester]
  16. have you listened to this new mix (yet)?
  17. a [dance, house, DJ] mix of a classic [ballad, rock song]
n as adj
  1. make a mix tape (for)
  2. there was a mix-up
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