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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. don't mention it
  2. didn't mention that
  3. never mentioned that
  4. did I mention (that)?
  5. mentioned the [name, date, detail]
  6. mention it [again, because]
  7. now that you mention it
  8. you should have mentioned it (earlier)
  9. I should have mentioned (that)
  10. mentioned that you (had) [found, heard, saw, are, have]
  11. mention any [specific, particular]
  12. [forgot, remembered, failed] to mention
  13. too [many, numerous] to mention
  14. mentioned in the [paper, magazine]
  15. mentioned in [passing, conversation, dispatches]
  16. mentioned on the [news, cover]
  17. mentioned for her [achievements, book, research]
  18. mentioned [in passing, discreetly]
  1. a [special, specific, worthy, noteworthy] mention
  2. a special mention [goes, must be made] to
  3. the [president, author, student] was given an honorable mention
  4. the [performance, result, failure] was worthy of mention
  5. makes no mention of the [mistake, allegations, episode]
  6. made no mention of [stopping, helping, intending]
  7. no mention (at all) was made of [how, why, when, where, what]
  8. [flinched, sighed, groaned, cringed] at the mention of [her name, the incident]
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