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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. looking before you cross is [essential, vital, imperative]
  2. no looking (before you open it)!
WordReference English Collocations © 2020


Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. look at [her, the picture, the professor]
  2. look up at the [teacher, sky, stars]
  3. look down [into, upon, from]
  4. look through the [book, magazine, paper]
  5. look over the [essay, assignment]
  6. look for your [keys, wallet, phone]
  7. look for a lost [child, dog]
  8. look around the [house, park, town] (for)
  9. look into a [topic, crime, mystery]
  10. look up [a book, the information, a date]
  11. I look forward to [hearing, seeing, going]
  12. looking forward to it!
  13. you look good [today, in that dress]
  14. looks [sick, healthy, tired]
  15. that [dress, outfit] looks [silly, good on you]
  16. look like you [lost, gained] weight
  17. look like a [rock star, troll, bird]
  18. things are looking [up, grim, bright, bleak, good]
  19. looks as [if, though]
  20. look inside the [box, bag, locker]
  21. look no further than
  22. look!
  23. look here!
  24. look at this!
  25. (just) look at (the state of) you
  26. (now) look what you've done!
  27. try not to look
  28. UK: I daren't look
  29. I [didn't dare, can't bear] to look
  30. [would, could, will] not look
  31. I [can't, couldn't] look away
  32. look a little [closer, more]
  33. look out for [falling rocks, other cars]
  34. always looks out for me
  35. looks onto the [shore, lake, street]
  36. look ahead to [the future, next month]
  37. look back on your [life, mistakes]
  38. looking back, I [could, should]
  39. has never looked back
  40. look in on her [patient, friend, mother]
  41. look after your [child, dog, parents]
  1. a [cold, menacing, funny, flirty, frightened, strange] look
  2. her face had a [cold] look on it
  3. gave me a [cold] look
  4. gave her a look of [envy, contempt, desire]
  5. take a [quick, brief, cursory] look (at)
  6. have a [quick] look at the [scores, figures, headlines, homework]
  7. has a [stylish, fashionable, horrible, fresh] look
  8. [get, develop] a new look (for yourself)
  9. I like your new look!
  10. [get, go for] the [wet, sophisticated, Paris] look
  11. (like) the look and feel of it
  12. I don't like the look of that [wound, cut, arm]
  13. [get, have, take] a [closer, better, detailed] look (at)
  14. take a [little, quick, good long] look (at)
  15. let me take a look (first)
  16. a look at what's coming [up, next, out in the cinemas]
  17. a look at what's new in [technology, politics, fashion]
  18. let's take a look at last night's [action, game, highlights]
  19. [take, is worth] a second look
  20. silenced the [room, crowd, opposition] with her look
  21. you could tell by his look that
  22. you could tell by the look in his eyes
  23. if looks could kill
  24. had the look of a [beaten, honest, satisfied] man
  25. looks aren't everything
  26. a [girl, boyfriend] [who has, with] both brains and looks
  27. with his [good, stunning, movie-star] looks
  28. had [stunning, great, beautiful] looks as a [teenager, youth]
  29. the [designers, companies] unveiled their latest looks (at the fashion show)
n as adj
  1. come visit our new-look [store, restaurant]
  2. wet-look hair gel
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