UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈhʌrɪkeɪn/, /ˈhʌrɪkən/

US:USA pronuncation: IPAUSA pronuncation: IPA/ˈhɜrɪˌkeɪn, ˈhʌr-/

US:USA pronunciation: respellingUSA pronunciation: respelling(hûri kān′, hur- or, esp. Brit., -kən)

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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. there's a hurricane coming
  2. was [destroyed, flooded, killed] during the hurricane
  3. was destroyed [by, in] the hurricane
  4. category- [two] hurricane
  5. the hurricane is just off the coast of
  6. a hurricane has [struck, battered] the coast (of)
  7. the hurricane is brewing
  8. in the eye of the hurricane
  9. the hurricane has wind speeds up to [100 mph]
  10. the hurricane has [swept away, uprooted] (houses)
  11. [after, before] the hurricane
  12. the hurricane will make landfall on [Monday]
  13. the [aftermath, wake, trail] of the hurricane
  14. [survivors, victims] of the hurricane
n as adj
  1. hurricane relief for
  2. at a hurricane center
  3. hurricane season
  4. hurricane [victims, survivors]
  5. extensive hurricane damage
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