UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈgruːmɪŋ/

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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. the grooming of [horses, dogs]
  2. the [horse] could use a good grooming
  3. the [horse] needs a good grooming
  4. bring the [horse] in for a grooming
  5. is in charge of (horse) grooming
  6. (luxury) grooming for [dogs, pets]
  7. the grooming of his [heir, successor]
n as adj
  1. grooming [supplies, products, tips, services, brushes]
  2. [men's, beard-] grooming [supplies]
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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. the bride and the groom
  2. a [handsome, stunning] groom
  3. the groom looks [handsome]
  4. the [father, mother] of the groom
  5. the groom waited for the bride
  6. the groom was standing up front
  7. the groom's [vows, tuxedo, suit]
  8. the groom stood waiting
  9. the groom smiled when he saw his bride
  10. the groom got cold feet
  11. the groom was stood up
  12. organized a stag [party, night] for the groom
  13. a toast to the bride and groom
  14. the groom-to-be
  15. has worked as a groom for [years]
  16. got a job as a groom
  17. a [professional, seasonal, horse, stable] groom
  1. groom a [horse, pet, dog]
  2. cat was grooming [itself, herself]
  3. [lions, monkeys, tigers] groom each other
  4. [lions] groom their [cubs, young, offspring]
  5. groom (your pet) at [home, the vet's]
  6. groom your [animal, horse] at the [vet's, stables]
  7. was groomed by the [owner, farm-hand, stable boys]
  8. groomed [himself, his clothes, his hair]
  9. groomed himself [carefully, immaculately]
  10. groomed herself for the [party, event, occasion, date]
  11. groom (it) to [reduce, ensure, cover, smooth, flatten, prevent]
  12. groom a [lawn, park, football field, ski slope]
  13. groom (it) with a [rake, lawn mower, tractor, machine]
  14. groomed for [stardom, success, a royal life, high office]
  15. [man, suspect, he] groomed her over [a period of, several] months
  16. [guilty of, jailed for] grooming [a girl, schoolgirls, young boys]
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