UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈfʌndɪŋ/

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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. received funding for
  2. were not able to receive proper funding (for)
  3. were [denied, refused] funding (for)
  4. provide funding for the [project, research]
  5. funding to [support, provide, help]
  6. where is their funding coming from?
  7. ensure the funding reaches the [proper, intended] areas
  8. funding from [unknown, external, secret] sources
  9. received funding of [$100,000]
  10. are [looking, asking] for funding (for)
  11. funding is available for
  12. [school, public safety, road, research] funding
  13. money raised from [lottery, capital] funding
  14. [government, state] funding (for)
  15. still require additional funding
  16. different funding options
  17. depend on grant funding for
n as adj
  1. funding [sources, opportunities]
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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. invest in a mutual fund
  2. his investment fund
  3. starting a college fund (for their kids)
  4. how much is in your [college, home] fund?
  5. grew up with a trust fund
  6. paid for it with his trust fund
  7. lives off of her [retirement, trust] fund
  8. got a trust fund from his [mother]
  9. set up an equity fund
  10. [started, founded] a [scholarship, development, relief] fund (for)
  11. set up a fund to [support, provide, pay for, help]
  12. [dip into, access] the reserve funds
  13. [had, forced] to use the reserve funds
  14. funds are starting to run low (for)
  15. funds have dried up (for)
  16. funds have dried up without their [support, donations]
  17. do we have enough funds to cover the [cost, repair]?
  18. not enough funds were [allocated, assigned] (to)
  19. I'm [momentarily, temporarily] without funds
  1. fund the [project, research, training, workshops, investment]
  2. [refused, agreed, needed] to fund the [project]
  3. fund the [opposition, rebels, enemy]
  4. funded by [taxpayers, the government, lottery money, public money]
  5. funded through [grants, subsidies, tax breaks]
  6. funded [largely, in part] by
  7. fund the [war, construction, repairs]
  8. funded [jointly, directly, entirely]
  9. [working, able, unable] to fund my [travels, studies, ambition]
  10. stole from his [mother, family, employer] to fund his [habit, addiction]
  11. to fund his [drug habit, addiction to drugs, gambling addiction]
n as adj
  1. check the fund balance
  2. works as a fund manager
  3. is a trust-fund baby
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