UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ɪkˈstɛndɪd/US:USA pronunciation: respellingUSA pronunciation: respelling(ik stendid)

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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. is on an extended vacation (in)
  2. has taken an extended leave (of absence)
  3. [leaves, disappears] for extended periods of time
  4. for an extended [period, term]
  5. void the extended warranty
  6. an extended warranty of [five years]
  7. an extended service agreement
  8. the extended (weather) forecast
  9. the extended (and uncut) [version, edition]
  10. conducted an extended search
  11. UK: [was offered, is on] an extended probation (period)
  12. is in an extended care facility
  13. is close [with, to] her extended family
  14. has an extended [part, section, rear, cab]
  15. an extended [dining table, desk, canvas, kitchen]
  16. an extended [eating, dining, picnic, barbecue] area
WordReference English Collocations © 2020


Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. extend a [greeting, salutation, welcome, hand] (to)
  2. extend a [warning, caution, message]
  3. extend a [warm, helping] hand
  4. extend our [thanks, gratitude, appreciation]
  5. extend our [deepest, sincere]
  6. extend our [deepest] [sympathies, condolences] (to)
  7. extend an olive branch
  8. extend the [period, due date, deadline] (for)
  9. extend the [range, scope, reach, life] of
  10. extend your [knowledge, understanding]
  11. extend [aid, support, loans, grants]
  12. extend their [stay, time, vacation]
  13. will extend through [December, the winter]
  14. will extend for another [3 weeks]
  15. extends as far as [the eye can see, Eastern Europe]
  16. extend beyond the [borders, reaches, imagination, understanding] of
  17. extend past the [borders]
  18. extend the [building, highway, road]
  19. extend by [2 miles]
  20. extended [beyond, out of] sight
  21. extend [credit, a loan] to
  22. extended to [include, cover, incorporate]
  23. extends to [accommodate, allow for, give, offer]
  24. [extends, doesn't extend] to [members, students, the unemployed]
  25. [table, ladder, belt] (that) can be extended
  26. [table] (that) extends to [seat 10, 96 inches]
  27. extend your [fingers, leg, hand]
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