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  1. a [sense, sensation, feeling] of dread
  2. [lived, waited, sat] in dread
  3. the dread of being [late, singled out, picked on]
  4. the dread of having to wear [braces, glasses]
  5. the dread eventually [disappeared, subsided, died away]
  6. just the [idea, thought] (of it) fills me with dread
  7. filled with [horror, anxiety] and dread
  8. was [overcome, overwhelmed, plagued] by dread
  9. informal: [wore, fixed] her hair in dreads
  10. informal: had his hair [tied, done] in dreads
  1. dreading [the exam, the interview, my first day, her operation]
  2. dread [going, having, playing, doing]
  3. dread the [thought, idea] of
  4. (would) dread to [think, imagine, ask]
  5. dread the [day, time, moment] when
  6. dreaded by [all, many, most]
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