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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. was delighted with his [son, performance]
  2. am (so) delighted for you
  3. am delighted [about, over]
  4. was delighted [when, from]
  5. were delighted to [have, find, welcome, hear]
  6. was [not, less than] delighted to [have]
  7. I am delighted to [introduce, announce, present, invite]
  8. was only too delighted to [help, come, accept]
  9. will (only) be delighted to [help, go, take part]
  10. yes, I'd be delighted (to)!
  11. had a delighted look [on her face, in his eyes]
  12. a delighted child
  13. a delighted [audience, public, crowd, set of fans]
  14. a delighted [laugh, smile, grin]
  15. delighted and [honored, surprised, excited, amazed]
  16. [completely, utterly, quite] delighted
WordReference English Collocations © 2019


Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. [earthly, gleaming, culinary, sexual] delights
  2. [writhing, sighing, grinning, eating, dancing] in delight
  3. [writhing] in [pure, sheer] delight
  4. a [face, smile, look, grin, twinkle] of [pure] delight
  5. one of life's [simple, many, small] delights
  6. is a delight to [see, visit, behold, have, experience]
  7. it was a delight to meet you
  8. the delight of [having, being, seeing]
  9. yes, it would be my delight!
  10. the [dance, zoo, castle] was a delight to see
  11. it was a delight to see them together
  12. get a great deal of delight from [reading, traveling, eating]
  13. takes great delight in her [job, work, business]
  14. [permitted, allowed] himself the delight of
  15. is a delight for [all, everyone, the whole family]
  16. much to the delight of the [crowd, fans, audience]
  17. [make, eat] Turkish delights
  1. delighted his fans (by)
  2. delight your [customers, patrons, investors]
  3. never fails to delight
  4. surprise and delight
  5. what delights me (most) about [this, it] is
  6. delighted her with a [smile, wink, bouquet]
  7. was delighted to [see, hear, learn] that
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