UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈklaɪmɪŋ/

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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. go [mountain, rock, ice] climbing
  2. go climbing in [Europe, Asia, Nepal, the Alps]
  3. go climbing in the [hills, mountains]
  4. [boots, clothes, tools, accessories] for climbing
  5. not excited about going climbing
  6. am [great, terrible] at climbing
  7. am [scared, afraid] to go climbing
  8. climbing is good [fun, exercise]
  9. Her interests include climbing.
  10. climbing and [rappelling, mountaineering, skiing]
n as adj
  1. use climbing [gear, shoes, ropes]
  2. practice on a climbing [wall, frame]
  3. go to a climbing gym
  4. read a climbing magazine
  5. in a climbing guide
  6. [buy, sell] climbing [equipment, gear, boots]
  1. the climbing temperature
  2. experiencing climbing [prices, interest rates]
  3. climbing [ivy, vines, roses]
  4. a climbing plant
WordReference English Collocations © 2020


Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. climb [Mt Everest, the mountain]
  2. climb to the top of [the charts, your field, the hill]
  3. climb [a tree, the ladder, the stairs, a wall]
  4. likes climbing trees
  5. climb (up, down) [a tree]
  6. the [monkey, cat] climbed up a tree
  7. climb to the [top, bottom]
  8. climb up to (the top)
  9. climb down from (a tree)
  10. climbed into the [car, taxi]
  11. climb on the [jungle gym, sculpture, table]
  12. don't climb on the [furniture, exhibits]
  13. climb on board
  14. climb aboard the [bandwagon, pain train]
  15. climb over the [mess, rubble, bodies]
  16. climb over the [hill, fence]
  17. [the dog, kids] climbing [all over, on] me
  18. climbed out of [his crib, a window]
  19. climb back [up, down]
  20. climb through the [window, opening]
  21. climb for [fun, exercise]
  22. climb and descend
  23. climb [safely, quickly]
  24. the [stocks, prices, ratings] (continue) to climb
  25. (have a) mountain to climb
  1. a [long, steep, challenging, grueling, dangerous] climb
  2. the climb was [steep, grueling]
  3. a [rock, mountain] climb
  4. is an [hour's] climb to
  5. the long climb to the top (floor) of
  6. the climb of [Mt. Fuji]
  7. there are [five] climbs in the [race, competition, Tour de France]
  8. [attempted, finished] the climb (of)
  9. [puffed, scrambled, crawled, cycled] up the climb
  10. am [tired, exhausted, hungry] after [the, that] climb
  11. the [stocks, rates] experienced a climb
  12. experienced a [sharp, subtle, drastic] climb
  13. there was a sharp climb in [price, worth, numbers]
  14. the climb of the [dollar] against the [euro]
  15. her climb in [popularity, stardom]
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