UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations/ˈbʊkɪŋ/US:USA pronunciation: IPA and respellingUSA pronuncation: IPA/ˈbʊkɪŋ/ ,USA pronunciation: respelling(bŏŏking)

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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. your [flight, trip, hotel, car] booking
  2. the booking for your [flight]
  3. Confirm your booking before [purchase, payment].
  4. was a problem with your booking
  5. make an online booking (with)
  6. make your booking in person (at)
  7. Check [availability, conditions] before making a booking.
  8. Read (guest) [reviews, opinions] before making your booking.
  9. booking and [reservations, payment, confirmation]
  10. pay a fee for the booking
  11. confirmation of your booking [has been, will be] sent (to)
  12. can cancel the booking [without charge, by email]
n as adj
  1. contact your booking agent
  2. [read, look over] the booking conditions
  3. use a booking [system, service]
  4. provide your booking information
  5. pay the booking fees
  6. [runs, works at] a booking [agency, office]
  7. a booking fee of [$4]
  8. [send, print, save] your booking confirmation
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Most examples are given in US English. We have labeled exceptions as UK.
  1. a [library, school, text] book
  2. [comic, story, children's, fiction, non-fiction] books
  3. a [heavy, thick, light, paperback, hardback] book
  4. [download, listen to, buy] an audio book
  5. [an electronic, an e-, a digital] book
  6. (from) the bestselling book by
  7. is the [best, worst] book I have ever read
  8. need a [good, new] book (to read)
  9. a suggestion for a [good] book
  10. a [Spanish, Russian] book
  11. a book in [Spanish]
  12. check my [address, guest] book
  13. is (not) in the [phone, telephone] book
  14. [loves, devours, reads a lot of] books
  15. collects [rare, antiquarian, signed, hardback] books
  16. religion: the Good Book
  17. religion: the [first, final] book of the [Old, New] testament
  18. just [finished, started (reading) my book
  19. [flipped, leafed, skimmed, raced] through the book
  20. [check, take] out a book from the library
  21. [return, take back] this book
  22. [rate, review, publish] a book
  23. he knows every trick in the book
  24. she's not in my good books (right now)
  25. I'm in her [bad, black] books
  26. in my little black book
  27. in the pages of a book
  28. the [cover, title, contents] of the book
  29. the book's [cover, author]
  30. [never, you shouldn't, don't] judge a book by its cover
  31. [adjust, balance] the books
  32. slang: was caught [cooking, fiddling] the books
  33. [do it, play] by the book
  34. the [goal, performance, speech] was one for the books
  35. a book on [math, history]
  36. a book about [cars, dragons]
  37. a book with [adventure, mystery]
  38. a book with (no) pictures
  39. a book by [Agatha Christie, a first-time author]
  40. the book of [Mark, Job, Revelation]
  41. a book of [checks, matches]
n as adj
  1. a book [salesman, publisher]
  2. book [knowledge, learning]
  3. book [jacket, cover]
  4. book [club, reviews, suggestions]
  5. a book reader
  6. go to a book [reading, signing, fair]
  7. join a book club
  8. a book club meeting
  1. book a [flight, table, hotel, room, trip]
  2. book [two] tickets (for)
  3. booked for [three] nights
  4. book [a band, a group, a magician, an entertainer]
  5. book by [calling, phone]
  6. book [in advance, ahead of time, well ahead]
  7. booked (it) [online, in person]
  8. the [hotel, bus] is (all) booked up
  9. booked us on the next [flight, train, course]
  10. booked him for [possession, petty theft, speeding]
  11. UK: the referee booked him
  12. UK: was booked for [possession, a foul, a bad tackle]
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