UK:*UK and possibly other pronunciationsUK and possibly other pronunciations adjective: /ˈæbstrækt/, verb: /æbˈstrækt/

US:USA pronuncation: IPAUSA pronuncation: IPA/adj. æbˈstrækt, ˈæbstrækt; n. ˈæbstrækt; v. æbˈstrækt/

US:USA pronunciation: respellingUSA pronunciation: respelling(adj. ab strakt, abstrakt; n. abstrakt; v. ab strakt for 1114, abstrakt for 15)

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  1. check the abstract to [see, find]
  2. [read, skim] the abstract before
  3. See the abstract for [more, further] information.
  4. See the abstract for [more] details.
  5. is included in the abstract (for your reference)
  6. in the abstract at the [end, beginning] of the [book, publication]
  7. [It] should be (included) in the abstract.
  8. a [complete, detailed, partial] abstract
  9. Have you checked (in) the abstract (yet)?
  10. abstracts of related [works, books]
  11. an abstract on the [paper, book]
  12. an abstract of her [performance, display]
  13. [write, prepare] an abstract
  14. write a [four-paragraph, 250-word] abstract on
  15. The [portrait, painting, statue] was an abstract.
  16. [painted, carved] an abstract
  17. see abstracts at the [gallery, museum]
  18. is exhibiting [modern, 18th century, contemporary] abstracts
  19. understood the [idea, theory] in the abstract
  1. is an abstract [painter, artist, photographer]
  2. an abstract [painting, sculpture]
  3. Abstract [Expressionism, Expressionists]
  4. an Abstract Expressionist painter
  5. abstract versus realism
  6. is an abstract [idea, concept]
  7. an abstract concept [like, such as] love
  8. is abstract in nature
  9. has an abstract view of [justice, society]
  10. abstract thinking
  11. abstract [and, or, versus] concrete
  12. (the novel) [uses, contains] (too) many abstract [terms, words]
  13. [learn, study, explain] abstract nouns
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